Dark Friday

As this latest Black Friday clearly demonstrated, Americans are literally willing to trample one another to get the best deals on cheap foreign-made plastic crap.  Meanwhile, as thousands of factories and millions of jobs continue to get shipped overseas, the United States is rapidly turning into a post-industrial wasteland.  Once great manufacturing cities such as Camden, New Jersey have become crime-ridden, gang-infested hellholes.  In some U.S. cities, the “real” unemployment rate is around 30 or 40 percent.  The American people desperately need jobs, but the American people are also showing no signs that they plan to give up their addiction to cheap foreign goods.  Our politicians keep insisting that the American people just need “more education” and “more skills” in order to compete, but they don’t ever seem to explain how more education and more skills are going to make new jobs pop into existence out of thin air.  The truth is that the American Dream is rapidly becoming the American Nightmare and there is not much hope that any of this is going to turn around any time soon.

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amazon and wikileaks

WikiLeaks, the website that published a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic cables on Sunday, is using Amazon.com Inc. servers in the U.S. to help deliver its information. It sounds like an odd choice, but it could make sense. it was unlikely that Amazon would face legal action for selling services to WikiLeaks. For one thing, now that the information disclosed by the site is already public. Using Amazon’s service also makes sense in one important respect: It provides stability when WikiLeaks is attacked, as it was hours before it published the diplomatic communications.

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the terrorists are winning…


one of the terrorists goals is to disrupt normal everyday life of the people they are trying to terrorise. obviously, events such as 9/11 have caused a large rise in airport security, this was perfectly reasonable as our security was clearly in adequit (judging by the results of the attack), but now the TSA is going too far, not only is their new screenings extremely invasive, but they are also abusing their power, and turning on the very people they should be “serving” as seen in this video. the woman had only requested that her breat milk not go through the X-ray, a perfectly reasonable request that should have been honored accoording to the TSA’s guidelines. the fact that this injustice has taken place is proof that we have been successfully terrified to the point were we seem to be turning on each other and fighting over basic secruity processes that otherwise would not be such a  big deal. the TSA’s new full body scans and whether or not they are essential and/or constitutional is debateable, but events such as this are ridiculous,absurd, and downright disturbing.

the terrorists are winning, but they have not, and will not win, come on america, lets do something about this

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1 reason

Let me preface this by saying I am a Southern California resident, and I did in fact vote yes on prop 19.

The one reason why I am glad prop 19 didn’t pass is because, if it had passed, weed would have become legal in California without ONE politician having the BALLS to stand up in front of everyone and say that marijuana is a fun and relatively harmless thing to do, and for THAT REASON ALONE should be legal. I’m not saying that that is a realistic goal, and I’m not even saying that I’m glad prop 19 didn’t pass (cause I’m not), all I’m saying is that I won’t be satisfied with our public view on drugs until people realize that just because it’s a mind-altering drug in NO WAY means it is a bad thing. Of course, the other reasons for legalization of pot are perfectly valid and even those alone would justify legalization, I nonetheless believe that as an issue of personal liberty and freedom in our society, the freedom to alter one’s consciousness is perfectly valid and no one should be ashamed to admit that they use the herb.

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car commercials


think of a car commercial, what came into your mind? be specific

today i was driving down the street and i saw a billboard ad for a car. i began to think about what kid of techniques the people who create these car commercials and ads use in order to gain our attention. i have come to the conclusion that the first thing they do is identify their audience, or what kind of people would be interested in buying the car, of course this is true in all types of ads, but i find it very clear and especially true in car ad’s as they clearly demosntarte this rule of marketing

toyata camry commercial

target: moms, people with familys, middle class

approach: they show people, average joe families, tell a cute family related story of how the car had been passed down thrugh generations


Target: environmentalists, green thinkers (green symbolises both money and for the planet), middle class

approach: shows a commercial which shows off the car while having plants moving in the background and sunny skies

lexus and other city cars

target: business men, men, middle-upper middle class, city dwellers

approach: a man with a deep voice points out the details of the car like a smooth ride while it drives through the city, usually at night

sport cars

target: the rich, business men, entrepeuners

approach: speeding, andshowing off the beuty of the expensive car


target: farmers, peoplewho need/ want to haul big loads

approach: usuallya  country, dirty setting setting, the car carrys heavy things, man boast about how tough the car is, would appeal to farmers who need a asting durable car

audi is one company that had targeted everyone in  arecent commercial i saw, it showed all kinds of people and the type of car that would match them as opposed to other stereotypical cars for those kinds of people, they tried to show they “have something for everybody”

there are many more examples of this

now think of a car commercial, what comes into your mind now?

this is how i noticed that a car commercial is not “just” a car commercial, its either a truck commercial, a sports commercial, a luxury car commercial, a hybrid commercial etc.

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NO on prop 23

Prop 23 is a proposition written and funded by two big oil companys, the proposition will remove health and safety rules and regulations for oil factorys which is bad for an extensive amount of reasons. these companys have spent over 9,000 dollars in order to help create and promote this obviously corrupt proposition. we cannot let them get away with such selfish and disgusting behavior. Here are 10 of the reasons why you should vote NO on 23:

10. Prop 23 could increase your energy costs by up to $650 by keeping California dependant on oil according to a study by Energy Independence Now, the Center for Resource Solutions and the Environmental Defense Fund.

9. It’s bad for the Californian economy: renewable energy is in full development, and the US needs to start focusing on that

8. Prop 23 will prevent the creation of NEW green jobs in California.

7. California will more than ever deserve its reputation for being innovative – renewable energy is the energy of the future.

6. California is on the front line of climate change, and has a large interest in stopping it. Just ask our fire fighters.

5. Prop 23 would stop incentives for renewable energy not just in California but in other states too – the same way it was a California law that pushed for higher efficiency in cars throughout the USA.

4. A sunny state like California is one of the most obvious places in the world to develop solar energy, developments that would be impeded by Prop 23.

3. Voting against prop 23 is sticking it to oil companies: they’re bankrolling Prop 23 by paying for 97% of the campaign.

2. You know that “out of the goodness of their black oil hearts” (as Gov. Schwarzenegger would put it), oil companies don’t actually have your best interest in mind.


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i saw adam sandler last saturday on sunset, i got really excited and asked to take a picture with him, then it got me thinking, why was i so excited? he seemed like a normal guy, he was wearing normal clothes, that really might aswell have been just about anybody, nothing changed by meeting him.
What makes a celebrity special? he or she was just an ordinary person a month or a year ago, but now, suddenly, your heart goes flitter-flutter when you meet them, or you want an autograph.

One way to consider fame is that it increases the options for the person at the same time the number of demands go up. In other words, celebrity makes the celebrity’s attention more valuable.

It’s exciting to shake hands or get an autograph from a famous person, then, because the celebrity has something others want, you’re getting a slice of attention from someone who has other options. But she didn’t exercise those options–she chose you.

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Why is Marajuana Illegal?

The reasons for pots criminalization along with the side effects have been greatly distorted; in many cases complete lies have been told. Regardless of thousands of studies (including government studies) proving that the side effects and societal effects of marijuana are null, the US government has perpetuated myths and spent billions of dollars doing so. Most everyone knows of “Reefer Madness” the film that showed marijuana users going completely crazy and committing all kinds of criminal or scandalous acts. With the entire thing being surrounded and half truths and full lies, why is pot still illegal?

here are some reasons why it sould be legalised

Marijuana has multiple uses in the industrial and energy sectors
Prohibition takes away from basic freedoms we are meant to have
Prohibition makes marijuana more accessible to minors
Criminalization has created enormous costs to the tax payers
Prohibition has not prevented the cultivation, sale or use of Marijuana
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the twighlight series is stupid

I can never understand how so many teenage girls are obssesed with this book and movie, its beyond me. its one thing to enjoy a book or movie, but the level that these people pretty much worship this stuff cannot be healthy, here are some reasons why twilight is stupid, hope this helps some people get over theri twilight “addiction”

> Vampires don’t need to drive cars

> Bella is in love with a dead guy and a dog

> Edward is a pedophile

> Edward can’t decide if he wants to eat Bella or love her

> Edward is still going to High School for some reason

> Only a girl would think it’s cool that a vampire sparkles

> Stalkers don’t usually make great boyfriends

And my personal favorite…

> Edward is in love with his food…what if you loved a hamburger, people would think you were crazy

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Hello world!

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